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Le Mignon

Designed to cook but also to bring to the table the dishes, Le Mignon, small aluminum pans with brass handles, make the table more beautiful and appealing, giving it a touch of originality. With a vintage style reminiscent of grandma's crockery, the products of this line are made of quality materials and comply with sanitary regulations. Nickel and PFOA free.

Materials: Aluminum,Brass


Code Icon Description
6260.14.1 Frying pan 1 handle Frying pan 1 handle
6260.14.2 Frying pan 2 handles Frying pan 2 handles
6265.12.1 Casserole 1 handle Casserole 1 handle
6265.12.2 Casserole 2 handles Casserole 2 handles
6265.12 Lid Lid
6270.20.2 Frying pan 2 handles Frying pan 2 handles
6275 Frying pan 2 handles + wooden tray Frying pan 2 handles + wooden tray


Aluminum is a light and handy material, a good heat conductor that allows it to spread homogeneously. Suitable for slow cooking and moderate constant fire.


Brass is an alloy of zinc, copper and other metals used in ancient times and appreciated even today for its strength, beauty and malleability. It is a corrosion resistance material and, thanks to its color, gives delicacy and value to every detail.