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Le Pentole ICM
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Le Pentole ICM

"Le Pentole" collection has always represented a true cult design in the kitchen.
Designed by Niki Sala for Studio Progettazione ICM in 1979, ICM pans and pots have been able to gather consumers' demand at the time and anticipate the trends of the following years so becoming synonymous of quality, functionality and design afterwards.
"Le Pentole" collection has represented a new way of designing and manufacturing steel pots and pans, marked by plain, refined outlines, top-quality materials and finishings and highly considerable functional specifications:

  • cold rolling of cylindrical parts;
  • three-layer (steel, aluminium, steel) bottom of different thicknesses assuring a better distribution of heat from whatever source;
  • deformation-proof rims up to 100 kg pressure;
  • half-dome-shaped steam-stop lids let steam cool down and prevent it from coming out of or falling into the pot or pan;
  • thanks to their perfect stackability  you can cook fat free and in multi-cooking mode on every kind of heat source.

Design Niki Sala, 1979

Materials: 18/10 steel
Finishing: Glossy and satin


18/10 steel

Also called stainless steel or stainless steel due to its resistance, it is suitable for use in the manufacture of household items. The 18/10 steel used by Mori Italian Factory does not contain any chemical components that can alter food during use, it is not magnetic and is suitable for induction plates.

Glossy and satin

Polishing is a process that allows to obtain a very high point of brightness of the surfaces; gives refinement and value to the material. The satin finish allows instead to obtain an opaque effect, uniforming the shade of the surface.