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Mixer Plus

Mixer Plus pans are made of pure alluminium alloy, with a high resistant internal tri-ply coating reinforced with ceramic particles. Double external coating.
The coatings used are suitable for conctat with food and PFOA free.
Differentiated wall thickness, confortable handles made of 18/10 stainless steel.
Bottom suitable for any type of hobs including induction.
Mixerplus pans provide you with many advantages:

  • healty cooking: you can cook healthier and lighter dishes without the use of shortening;
  • cooking easy: the food doesn't stick and therefore doesn't require constant stirring;
  • easy-to-clean: simply use a sponge with a little liquid detergent to clean the pan after use;
  • energy saving: cooking requires a minimum amount of heat because alumimium allows for rapid and even heat diffusion throughout the pan.

Design Studio MPI

Materials: 18/10 steel,Aluminum


18/10 steel

Also called stainless steel or stainless steel due to its resistance, it is suitable for use in the manufacture of household items. The 18/10 steel used by Mori Italian Factory does not contain any chemical components that can alter food during use, it is not magnetic and is suitable for induction plates.


Aluminum is a light and handy material, a good heat conductor that allows it to spread homogeneously. Suitable for slow cooking and moderate constant fire.