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Design Maria Grazia Fiocco

Teamwork between the designer Maria Grazia Fiocco and catering specialists has resulted in an innovative and utterly practical, useful and elegant offer for keeping food on the table at the right temperature.
The special Chateau thermal containers can hold various shaped dishes to ensure perfect service and presentation whatever the occasion at home or elsewhere.
Chateau is a dependable ally for always cutting a good figure, a true "family friend" and makes an extraordinary gift.

Materials: Polypropylene,Porcelain



The polypropylene used by Mori Italian Factory is a semi-crystalline polymer characterized by high breaking strength, low density, good thermal resistance and abrasion.


With its brightness and resistance, porcelain has been used in the kitchen since its invention, in the era of Chinese emperors and, later, in the courts of all Europe. Refined and elegant, it is developed by Mori Italian Factory to guarantee durability and hygiene.