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Polypropylene containers are made with a permanent label thanks to the Iml technology (in mould label) that allows printed labels. A specific marker for writing on labels is given, while markings can be removed by simple dishwasher washing.

Containers are made with FDA-approved materials (US Food and Drug Administration). Shock-proof at room temperature, with efficient transparency for easily identify the inside content and standing at temperatures between – 40°C and +80°C. Containers are equipped with graduated scale with both metric and american measuring systems, stackabilty to allow easy placement and transport.

Containers made of polypropylene with IML help to ensure food safety and hygiene in compliance with HACCP standards.

To avoid food contamination, both transparent lids ones with seat for COLOR CLIPS are available. The clips are available in yellow, blue, red, green and violet.

Materials: Polypropylene



The polypropylene used by Mori Italian Factory is a semi-crystalline polymer characterized by high breaking strength, low density, good thermal resistance and abrasion.