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  • Swing White

Swing White

Design Giugni-Murano


Dynamism, fluidity, style: this is what makes swing one of the most famous jazz trends of all times ' unique, and also stands as an inspiration this original line.
An elegant harmony play between steel and wood that also is in perfect harmony with today's style trends.
Designed by Gianandrea Giugni and Francesco Murano, this collection offers coordinated, stand-alone creations.
Shape cleanliness and harmony mingle with a bold personality stroke, particularly playing with combinations of shiny steel and wood or enamelled stoneware and steel, not to forget precious, free-blown glass elements.
The collection includes trays, oven dishes, cutting boards, electronic scales and other

Materials: 18/10 steel,Glass,Ash wood,Porcelain


18/10 steel

Also called stainless steel or stainless steel due to its resistance, it is suitable for use in the manufacture of household items. The 18/10 steel used by Mori Italian Factory does not contain any chemical components that can alter food during use, it is not magnetic and is suitable for induction plates.


In vogue since the seventies, in the tempered or Pyrex version, glass can withstand high temperatures and oven cooking. It is a hygienic material and does not alter the taste of food in any way, so its use in the kitchen is always very strong.

Ash wood

The ash is a good wood that goes from light blond to pink, to pale brown, with possible shades of green. It has an appreciable mechanical resistance, it flexes but does not split. It gives elegance and refinement to every object.


With its brightness and resistance, porcelain has been used in the kitchen since its invention, in the era of Chinese emperors and, later, in the courts of all Europe. Refined and elegant, it is developed by Mori Italian Factory to guarantee durability and hygiene.