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Zig Zag

For those who love modernity and minimalism, we created the Zig Zag collection, tableware with an innovative and fascinating design that are suited to various types of table. The line is entirely made of quality materials such as canaletto walnut wood and stainless steel.

design by Gianandrea Giugni

Materials: 18/10 steel,Glass,Wood
Finishing: Glossy


18/10 steel

Also called stainless steel or stainless steel due to its resistance, it is suitable for use in the manufacture of household items. The 18/10 steel used by Mori Italian Factory does not contain any chemical components that can alter food during use, it is not magnetic and is suitable for induction plates.


In vogue since the seventies, in the tempered or Pyrex version, glass can withstand high temperatures and oven cooking. It is a hygienic material and does not alter the taste of food in any way, so its use in the kitchen is always very strong.


It is a traditional material that, thanks to its hardness (beech, oak, walnut or acacia), is consumed very slowly and does not splinter. The woods used by Mori Italian Factory are worked to withstand time and wear, giving style to all the tables.


Polishing is a process that allows to obtain a very high gloss point of the surfaces through the application of specific abrasives according to the type of material to be polished. Give refinement and value to the material.