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What is the best way to wash the products with wood inserts, glass, plastic, gold plated?

What is the best way to wash knives?

To avoid the appearance of small spots of corrosion on the knives, put the same in the basket of the dishwasher separated from other cutlery and, once the washing cycle, open the dishwasher as soon as possible to favor the escape of steam. Then thoroughly dry the knives, that should never be soaked for a long time with cutlery or other metal objects. Whenever after washing in the dishwasher, and being all instructions for washing observed, small black spots come out on the knives, the electric system of you dishwasher needs to be inspected for correct earthing by a skilled technician.

How do I get a replacement part for a pot? For the coffee maker? The cruet set? etc ...?

Spare parts coffee makers, such as funnels, filters and gaskets are standard and can be found in any grocery store or supermarket. The other parts, must be requested at the store where it was purchased or to an authorized dealer.

I have lost a piece of cutlery set, how can I complete it?

Can be obtained from our authorized resellers.

How / Where can i buy Mori Italian Factory products?

Fillo out the form in the contact section and we will reply as soon as possible.

How are the packs of cutlery?

There are different types of gift box, wooden or cardboard lithographed, with various compositions from 24 pieces up to 126 pieces.

What are the waiting times for the products, if they are not immediately available from the dealer?

Normally orders are dispatched within a week.

What is the suggested use for the products Chateau?

The chateau thermal containers have been designed and built to keep your food hot or cold or. Normally keep the food warm for about 5 hours.
In cases where the food is not cooked in the oven ceramic, we recommend pre-heat the oven ceramic in the oven at 180 degrees before pouring into food. In this way it will significantly improve the ability of maintaining the temperature of the Chateau thermal container.

The pots ICM

The company Mori Italian Factory Srl, www.morinox.it, wishes to inform all owners of cookware ICM that any quality problems found on pots ICM produced before 2006 are due to the previous owner of the mark , the company Industrie Casalinghi Mori Spa.
Mori Italian Factory Srl has in fact taken over the ownership of the mark ICM , and actually restarting production only in 2006 and found considerable success both in Italy and in the major world markets.
We stress that we are currently able to provide our customers with the highest quality standards and that any defects should be formed on pots of our production (each piece is marked with the month and year of manufacture) will be covered by the full warranty from us provided.
As evidence of the absolute level of quality offered by branded cookware ICM is the fact that these pots have been selected for the fifth consecutive year by the best Italian chefs , as the official supplier of the transmission La Prova del Cuoco.

How do you use the ICM pressure lid?

The pressure lid of the collection “Le Pentole” ICM, was designed to be used with ICM pots of the same diameter but with different capabilities. With this cover a normal pot, casserole or pan becomes a tool for pressure cooking. Depending on the needs of the cooking you can move from one pot to another, but you can not utilize on pots different from those of the series Le Pentole.

Download PDF instructions

What is the capacity of the scale?

The mechanical scales have a maximum capacity of 3kg while electronic ones have a maximum capacity of 5 kg.

The watches are accompanied by instructions?

Yes. In each case of watch there are inside the instructions for the use.

Which is the heat resistance of ABS plastic products?

The melting point of the products in abs plastic is 180°.

Up to what temperature resistant oven-ceramic in the oven?

They resist up to a maximum temperature of 250°.

What products can be put in the oven?

All of our pots can be put in the oven, both steel and those nonstick. Even our oven-ceramics can be put in the oven.

Which in the microwave?

The oven-ceramics can be put in the microwave.

What in the dishwasher?

All of our products, except those with wood and coffee makers.

What on the electric stove?

All of our pots can be used with electric stove.

The pots work with induction hob?

All our pots can be used on induction hob.

What is the thickness of the bottom of the pots?

The pots Le Pentole collection have triply bottom (stainless steel+alluminium+stainless steel) with a total thickness of 5,2 mm, while Le Pentole 2 have the same triply bottom but with a total thickness of 4,9 mm.

How it is done the bottom of the pots?

Is a triple-layer structure: steel + aluminum disk + steel.
Thanks to the insertion of a disc of aluminum is possible to improve the distribution of heat, saving energy at the same time.

What is the quote cart? How does it work?

The quote cart is reserved exclusively for our dealers who have registered. Once registered they are given Username and Password. Then they can see the prices of our products online and possibly fill an order.

Is it possible purchase products online?

At the moment we are not structured for sale online.

Is it possible to buy directly from Mori Italian Factory srl?

No. You can not buy directly from us. Our products are sold exclusively through authorized dealers.

What is the area agents?

The area agents is reserved for our local agents for the direct shipment of orders.

Is it possible to download the catalogue from the website?

Not the complete catalogue. You can download pdf catalogues of the collections and also the instruction manual for the pressure lid.