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Lid with double pression

coperchio pentola icm
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    Safety valve

    It supports the operating valve and starts operating only in case of increased pressure increase. Equipped with a lever, when it is lowered, it mechanically locks the knob (D) in the closed position (end of rotation). When it is in a vertical position, it opens the valve completely and drains all the steam.

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    Automatic locking valve

    When the minimum pressure is reached, the piston (A) is pushed upwards and the knob is locked. At the end of cooking, by lifting the lever (F) of the safety valve (C) to the upright position, the steam will completely discharge and the piston will return to its seat.

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    Work valve dual pressure

    It goes into operation with the constant increase in pressure. It is possible to select two different operating pressures depending on the type of cooking and / or food. B1 recommended for vegetables, B2 recommended for meat.


The pressure lid converts pots, casseroles and saucepans from the Le Pentole collection into genuine pressure cookers.
Equipped with three safety devices, it is very easy to use.

pentole impilabili

Space optimization

The problem of space in the kitchen has been brilliantly solved thanks to the perfect stackability of Le Pots.
The stackability allows cooking in multi-firing, saving time and money: by stacking the pots, you can cook several preparations on the same heat source at the same time.

Half-domed lids

The vapor-stop half-domed lids enable to cool off steam and prevent water from coming out or getting into the pot. Le Pentole collection can be taken from the fridge and immediately used in the oven or on any kind of hob: gas, electricity, halogen, glass-ceramic, induction, oven. And about washing? The dishwasher is perfect.

coperchio semicupola
coperchio semicupola

Three-layer bottom

pentole icm triplo fondo

To enhance the thermal conductivity of steel, heat-diffusing aluminum substrates are applied which are encapsulated.
The resulting bottom is a triple steel-aluminum-steel layer able to guarantee a homogeneous heat diffusion and to be used on all heat sources, including induction.

Technical features

  • First layer: 18/10 stainless steel 1.5 mm
  • Second layer: aluminum 3 mm
  • Third layer: stainless steel cover 18/c 0.7 mm

Instructions and maintenance


Make sure that the flame does not burn higher than the pan base. If you use an electric sto - ve choose a burner having a diameter equal or smaller than the diameter of the pan base. Never leave empty pans on the heat source. Never leave the product in prolonged contact of naturally salty or acid foods, which could damage it.


Before using the product for the first time it is recommended to wash it thoroughly by hand or in the dishwasher with suitable detergents. Never use steel wool or abrasive sponges. Open the dishwasher immediately after washing so as to avoid damages due to the salty steam, and ensure that the product is promptly dried in order to avoid the deposit of calcium stains.

Spots and halos

In order to avoid stains caused by salt, add the salt only when the water is boiling.

Possible calcium or salt stains, as well as possible blue rings due to the starch contained in some foods such as pasta and rice, can not be due to manufacturing defects.

Download the PDF with all the technical and warranty details of ICM Pots